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2x your sales while monitoring your sale’s team performance
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Grow Sales with Better ROI

Enhance sales with multiple channel

  • Centralize all contacts from every channel in a single dashboard.

  • Capture sales digitally and pitch customers through their preferred channels.

  • Track your sales agents’ performance with detailed insights.

  • Identify apps your customer prefers to strategically send and approach them for sales.

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Automate & manage leads with whatsApp

  • Transfer qualified leads to sales agents.

  • Engage customers by offering them catalog menus.

  • Send targeted sales messages, timely reminders, and offers to your customers.

  • Suggest products, and answer FAQs ensuring accurate and timely responses.

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Equip Sales with Conversation Tools

  • No matter whether desktop or mobile, give your agent-friendly tool to make their work more easy.

  • Draft messages that are asked more frequently.

  • Grow sales opportunities by closing deals quickly.

  • Allow agents to handle multiple conversations, to grow the revenue

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