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Chatbot for operations

Speed up technical operations with whatsApp solution!

Solve customers' technical problems with 3x speed, provide round-the-clock support help, and send instant responses with WhatsApp chatbot.

Why Trring Me for
IT & Operations?

24/7 Sales
Instant Query
Everyday Detailed

Anywhere, anytime support


Create a virtual assistant that frees up your time and improves the experience of your employee. This will open the way for new employees to work better in their fields.


Give your IT department a break by automating employees’ FAQs. let the whatsApp chatbot resolve all common technical issues without any need of human intervention.

Performance Review

Decrease the work stress of your team by automating performance reviews. Use chatbots to collect 360-degree feedback in a friendly and efficient way that’s exactly what your organization needs.

IT support

Give your IT team some peace by automating answers to frequently asked questions from employees. Let the chatbot attempt to solve all common technical issues without need for a human agent’s intervention.

Turn numbers into knowledge

Dashboards, reports, and widgets that are pre-built and easily customizable provide quick and simple data analysis for all users. Evaluate SLA, project, ticket, and more data on a no-code, AI-powered platform that can produce visualizations and offer advice on demand.s

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