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Integrations that Drive Users to WhatsApp

Seamlessly integrate all your e-commerce platforms, CRMs, e-stores, and more with the powerful capabilities of Trring Me! Revolutionize your business operations and take your efficiency to the next level.

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Ticketing and CRM Software

Make use of your CRM while giving your customers' questions your full attention.
Trring Me offers a smooth customer experience for you as well by integrating with various CRM solutions!

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HubSpot offers a single platform that can be used for customer support, content management, sales, and marketing.

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Use LeadSquared to enhance closures, manage pipelines, and precisely attribute ROI to individuals, lead sources, etc.

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With Freshdesk, you can automate tedious tasks, expedite client communications, and collaborate more quickly.

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Enhance your Zoho contacts' engagement by utilizing WhatsApp workflows!

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One tool that helps sales teams improve efficiency, workflows, and pipeline visibility is Zendesk.

D2C Integrations

Improve your E-commerce experience by seamlessly connecting your shopify
and woocommerce stores for enhanced customer engagement

Connect Shopify to WhatsApp to share order updates, abandoned cart alerts, and more

Woo Commerce

Integrate WooCommerce into your business and send payment reminders

Additional Apps

That's not all, though. To enhance your Martech stack, Trring Me also interacts with a
wide range of other apps, such as Shopify, Zapier, and Google Sheets.

Integrate your Whatsapp business with Calendly to invite whenever a new meeting is scheduled.
Integrate Opencart and bulk broadcast messages through WhatsApp for customer engagement.
Integrate your Whatsapp business with Magento to access customer information
Microsoft Teams
Integrate Microsoft Teams with Whatsapp business to send the meeting and appointment notifications
Google Sheets
A seamless integration with Google Sheets reduces human intervention and error-proneness.

Trring Me Power Packed Features

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Team Inbox & Chat Widgets

Enhance your e-store with WhatsApp widgets, enabling unlimited team members to collaborate and provide scalable customer support.

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Streamline Communication

Automate replies for frequently asked questions (FAQs), and receive alerts for crucial events like cash on delivery confirmations, abandoned carts, and special offers.

Track Chat & Campaign Analytics

Monitor the performance of your campaigns, response rates, and resolution times to continuously improve the overall customer experience.

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