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S u p e r c h a r g e C u s t o m e r E x p e r i e n c e w i t h T a i l o r e d W h a t s A p p B u s i n e s s S o l u t i o n !

Get your own customizable chatbot that answers 80% of your customers’ queries;
sends unlimited bulk broadcasts, & streamlines all your
conversations on one platform!

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Speedup your Business Work with WhatsApp Chatbot

  • Engage your audience in every instance.

  • Get Personalized support for delightful CX

  • Handle customer queries with bot’s and cut your team's workload by 80%

  • Integrate Live Chat for 24/7 real-time support

  • Increase in business revenue through instant engagement

Boost Customer Engagement by


Reduce Operational Cost by


Increase Business Sales by


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Your ‘Complete’ WhatsApp Business
API Platform

WhatsApp Broadcasting

Maximize ROI via WhatsApp Broadcasting

Broadcast unlimited personalized WhatsApp messages to your end consumers without getting blocked with the WhatsApp Business API!

  • Schedule Unlimited Broadcast Campaigns without Blocking

  • Retarget your contacts through WhatsApp Campaigns

  • Get real-time analytics & reports of your Campaigns

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WhatsApp Team Inbox

Enhanced CX with Shared Team Inbox

With a single inbox for your whole team on WhatsApp, you can interact with clients strategically.

  • Solve issues 10X faster through team collaboration & smart replies

  • Close sales 5X faster by instant communication on WhatsApp

  • Increase team efficiency by 15% using 10+ inbuilt unique features

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WhatsApp Chatbot

Be 24/7 available with WhatsApp Chatbots

Deliver human-like, personalized support anytime and every time with a WhatsApp chatbot for your business.

  • Automate sales & support to engage with customers 24x7

  • Save 30% of operational costs with a multi-lingual bot

  • Adjust bots according to your schedule & have stress-free weekends

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WhatsApp Notification

Update with WhatsApp Notifications

Use customized notification messages to push sales & business forward and build relations with customers.

  • Win your customers back with abandoned cart recovery.

  • Send discount pop-ups & welcome offers through WhatsApp messages

  • Boost your business ROI with an open rate of 90% on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp In-Built CRM

Manage Contacts with
In-Built CRM

Efficiently manage your contacts with our complimentary WhatsApp CRM built right in. Stay organized and connected with ease.

  • Segment all of contacts on a single platform with multiple labels.

  • Link Trring Me panel to your CRM to quickly update customer inquiries.

  • Create different label views & switch with different conditions to easily see the chats

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Deploy in 24 Hour & See Visible Results in Days

Trring Me delivers enterprise-grade, ready-to-use products and services that are intended to give enterprises visible outcomes in a few short days.

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Retarget Customers without getting Blocked

Start using WhatsApp Broadcaster to interact with your prospects. Use WhatsApp to reach & retarget a large audience with tailored messaging.

  • Launch campaigns with images, videos, audio, & documents with a click.

  • Create multiple templates and schedule them at the optimal time.

  • Segmentize your contacts and retarget them to increase ROI

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Access all your communication channels on one single platform with Trring Me Solutions.

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