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Connect patient’s experiences with WhatsApp chatbot

Automate appointment booking, cancellations, and reschedules and reduce the chances of missed appointments with the WhatsApp business API. Send secured medical records via whatsApp to your paitent.

Trusted by leading healthcare companiess

Take follow-ups and be connected with your patients!

  • Keep your patient informed about their latest test reports.

  • Send patients timely routine checkup reminders.

  • Be available for 24x7 with customers.

  • Notify patients about appointment cancellations.

  • Increase the hospital's reputation with automated feedback collection

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Convert your leads into business with WhatsAp

  • Send 'hey' on WhatsApp and convert 70% of your leads into clients .

  • Set up a chatbot to greet and schedule meetings for you.

  • Offer all your services through whatsApp.

  • Make your patient's experience super easy & manageable by keeping all your chats secure.

  • Keep your patients up to date about every single detail.

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Answer patient's concerns with whatsApp

  • 90% of patients search for their diagnosis online.

  • Let the whatsApp chatbot answer every little concern of your patients.

  • Save 50% of your time while setting up FAQs for your patients.

  • Categorize your contacts separately and make every patient feel valued.

  • Automate customer support with Trring Me Solutions

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Why use WhatsApp for Healthcare

Provide helpful information
Transform patient experiencess
Schedule automated appointments
Respond to every patient's concerns
Manage Patient Smartly
Improve your feedback

Offer round-the-clock care and support
to your patients with Trring Me!

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